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What You Need to Know About Common Sex Problems in Marriages and Relationships

Due to the creation of bonds between two people, relationships as well as marriages form a very important component in people’s lives and people will do everything within their reach to protect this bonds. For relationships to function well, it is very important to protect and take care of the sex component. It is important to note that the sex component in marriages and relationships is often associated with love and trust.However, there comes a time after people live together for a very long time or after honeymoon when that desire of having sex with your partner dies down. The purpose of this article is to address the challenges faced by couples or partners in a relationship when it comes to sexual issues now.

First and foremost, sexual problems may arise between partners in a relationship or couples in marriage due to sexual incompatibility and this has been shown by statistics that exist all over the world. Let me indicate an example case of sex incompatibility and it is when one of the partners in a relationship or marriage wants to have sex often while the other partner only enjoys the sex once in a while. Having a dialogue between persons in a relationship is the best way of curing a case of sexual incompatibility which poses a big risk of breaking marriages as well as relationships. Let me also attribute infidelity as another major cause of having sex problems among partners. Breaking marriages and relationships is the strength of infidelity because of the feeling of betrayal that it gives to the other parties.

Bad sexual life among partners in a relationship or couple in a marriage could also be attributable to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction may be caused by age as well as psychological issues.It is always important to consult a doctor when faced with such a problem because it even lowers the esteem of the man as making a woman feel as if she is not woman enough.

Sexual stagnancy is also a very potent thing that can destroy sexual life and it is brought about by a partner feeling as if they are bored with sex.Sexual stagnancy can be remedied by spicing up sex life with the use of different things such as toys. Embarrassment can also lead to bad sex lives and embarrassment usually depends on how one was raised and the perspective they got about sex when they were growing up.